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When you make a decision about which company to hire to work on a custom piece for your home you want to consider not only the dollars and cents.
Reflect on the value of working with people who care a great deal about every detail, who care about being polite and considerate, who care for your home as you do.
Our diligent, committed team is known for exceptional craftsmanship. We strive to make your experience as easy and as pleasant as possible.

Jeff Mack comes from a humble upbringing and started the company in his early 20's. He has a creative eye and easy going approach when it comes to managing his business. When he started the company, his main focus was on Custom Tables and has now also branched out to growing his company contributing to the woodworking industry with DIY Supplies. His passion for helping others has been the main drive to growing this business.

We are a small team with big ambitions.
Our goal is to help our customers have fun during the building process while we create beautiful projects that they are proud of.

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